Senator Bill Frist’s Web Shenanigans

As if web polls aren’t bogus in general, there’s this poll on Dr. Evil’s Bill Frist‘s web site:

Dr. Evil's Poll

It seems Dr. Frist thinks nothing about rigging a poll to give him the desired results no matter how the vote goes.

5 thoughts on “Senator Bill Frist’s Web Shenanigans”

  1. Instead of energy devoted to marriage and changes in our Constitution, why not expend energy on fixing the medical prescription sham you helped thrust upon seniors and others? This is a Black, Bronx NY Demoncrat speaking who in 64 years, has never expended so much of my energy and money to return your President W deep into the heart of Texas. ABB = John Kerry – all the way!!!!

  2. Since you are a physician, I trust your judgment that the Representatives, Senators and their staffs must be “at risk” and so must be first in line for flu shots. I am 82 years old and, in spite of arthritis and high blood pressure, am fairly healthy. I am, however, very much concerned for my 85-year-old husband who is a permanently disabled veteran with COPD whose lungs function at only 37%. He was hospitalized 4 times for pneumonia between March 2002 and March 2003. He has been told by the local VA clinic that they are instructed to give first priority to veterans confined to the hospital and then give their remaining allottment to other veterans as they see their primary physician on their regularly scheduled appointments. In my husband’s case, he is not scheduled to see his primary physician until late December 2004!
    I have not been able to locate a site in Clark County, Ohio that has vacine to administer. It seems our only choice is to go to the Clark County Fairgrounds on October 29 where the County Health Dept. is giving shots to anyone who shows up–they are asking persons considered “not at risk” to NOT show up. If the experience of county health departments in nearby counties is the example, thousands of persons stand in line for hours (which my husband is unable to do) only to have hundreds of them told that the serum has run out and they must go home. Our only other alternative is to trust to luck and wait for the VA appointment in January. At least that way we will avoid exposure to the weather and possible flu victims in the lines.
    I suggest that the possibility of a situation like this developing in the future (perhaps a germ-warfare attack)would suggest a better way of delivering service to those most in need.

    Margaret B. Sayers

  3. I am a democrat whom has voted for a republican canidate for president and other offices every since it was possible to do so since harry truman and am contemplating changing to republican registration , but i’ll be darned if i will if you senators let arlan specter become chairman of the judiciary committee. he is a bully and is not fit to be there . Also he will tie president bush ‘s and all of you senators hands . I have sent both of senators from email expressing these same sentiments . Thank you for con sidering this request.

  4. I have tried to find the logic in your preference for the “nuclear option” and have concluded that there is none. Your proposed action carries with it enormous and dangerous potential to harm the Congress, our legislative process, our system of checks and balances, and the need for all our citizens, Republican, Democrat or other, to work in cooperation to achieve goals in our nation’s best interests.

    In short, I am obliged to think your politics and ambitions have overwhelmed your judgment.

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