Sometimes the system works

Apparent End of Dover School Board Reign of Error:

Just days after the close of testimony in the Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School Board case, the people got a chance to put in their two cents via school board elections, choosing between the


with their “intelligent design policy”, or the


of the Dover CARES campaign. The results, courtesy of the York Dispatch:

—– Dover —–
B Reinking Dem. 2754
H Mc Ilvaine, Jr. Dem. 2677
B Rehm Dem. 2625
T Emig Dem. 2716
A Bonsell Rep. 2469
J Cashman Rep. 2526
S Leber Rep. 2584
E Rowand Rep. 2547

2-Year Term
L Gurreri Dem. 2623
P Dapp Dem. 2670
J Mc Ilvaine Dem. 2658
E Riddle Rep. 2545
R Short Rep. 2544
S Harkins Rep. 2466

2-Year Unexp
P Herman Dem. 2542
D Napierskie Rep. 2516

6 Out of 6 precincts

The Democratic slate contains the challengers to the current board members.

It should be noted that the incoming board members from the Dover CARES campaign have a platform plank saying that “intelligent design” will be taught in Dover public schools. However, the venue of such instruction will not be the science classrooms, where it was out-of-place, but rather an elective course on comparative religion, where it fits perfectly.

It’s a clean sweep. Reinking, H McIlvaine, Rehm, Emig, Gurreri, Dapp, and J McIlvaine are in opposition to teaching intelligent design creationism. All the Republicans supported it.

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