38 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Nude”

  1. We were sitting around drinkingtalking about good looking right wingers we hate but might f(*&^%$#@ck!…. Michele Bachman’s name came up…. What can I say, I was trying to get lucky.

    1. Michelle is very level headed and doesn’t respond other
      than direct. I truly support her for President. She is
      also VERY cute , but that does not effect my opinion of

        1. She is not brain dead. If you have the ability to read, read what she stands for fool.
          strong economy, private sector jobs, lower taxes- this isn’t brain dead idiot.

          1. What country’s private sector jobs are you referring to????????? Conservatives say “No tax cuts” for the rich, they provide jobs, well Bush’s tax cuts are still in, where are the jobs…………Conservatives say they are pro-life, but that is at birth only, once that child is born, unless fortunate to be born into wealth, he will have hell of time existing, whether that be tuition for college in form of student loan, whether that be good paying union jobs with benefits, Oh then we have the “Golden Years” they want to cut social security or yet privatize it so some financial institution can provide for your future, that should really be golden especially for the board of directors, then you have their “get rid of medicare” brain storm, no national health insurance or medicare…………..Pro Life my ass,,,,,,,you are pro rich and F#@k everyone else…………sad thing 50% of the country believe you, guess that is why they are against the student loan programs, and anything that educates…….Fool

          2. strong economy, private sector jobs, lower taxes- this isn’t brain dead idiot.

            Yes it is. It’s easy to say one is for these things. It’s another thing entirely to really understand these things…

          3. Compare the growth in private sector jobs since Obama has been President with the growth in private sector jobs during eight years of George W. Bush and get back to us with the results.

      1. I am thinking you must have a very different version of being level headed. If I had to describe Michele Bachmann I would most like call her, “empty headed.” I will say this about her, apparently she is smarter than you.

  2. the key operative here is sitting around drinkingtalking. I wonder how you would feel about the politicians you don’t hate if the shoe was onthe other foot? When you grow up, trust me, you’ll see the fallacy of your attitude. I assume you claim to be a liberal. Won’t your liberal girl friends be proud (or dishonest with themselves, perhaps?)

    1. Surveyboy, WTF are you doing lecturing poor DTL? How did you “stumble” on this site? The same way I did…..I wanted to see that crazzy bitch stark-ass nekkid too. LMFAO at Surveyboy!!!

  3. Like Michelle BAchmann doesn’t insult, lie, badger, and inflame people. She’s nuts, she’s dangerous, and besides, she doesn’t look all that great naked, anyway.

  4. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently announced her opposition to the federal Transportation Security Administration’s full-body scanners due to worries that “naked pictures” of herself could somehow end up on the internet for the world to see after being screened.

    According to MinnPost, Bachamann told patrons at an Iowa coffee shop that she planned on opting out of such security procedures in order to avoid the possibility that such exposing images could end up online.

  5. Just found the thought of my dick in her mouth more stimulating that what comes out of it. So go fuck yourself asswipe!

  6. Ohhhh that mouth.Almost as hot as Palin’s mouth.My fantasy is getting all work up by those two sexy mouths and then I will stand behind them all the way.

  7. Funny that ALL liberal Jackasses have less education and real-world experience in economic matters or legal matters than Ms. Bachmann, yet it’s the queer GED-at-best Marxist pollution known as liberal Democrats who call her “stupid”. The lady has a Master’s in tax law, on top of her JD and Bachelor’s degreees, worked as a tax lawyer for the IRS, worked as a private sector attorney, and you liberal limpwrists who are lucky to have a GED from a joke of a public high school and have no job skills beyond burger flipping, call her stupid?!?! It’s easy to be a Democrat nowadays: all you have to do is advocate murdering the unborn through abortion, come out as a homosexual looking to get gay-married, prove you’re illiterate, maybe be an illegal Mexican immigrant who refuses to learn English, belong to the Faggottry Union, and quote the economic maxims of Karl Marx from “Das Kapital”, and blame every mistake you made on Republicans.

  8. For a 55 year old woman she is attractive. I’m an old fart male who is attracted to women and I’m not dead yet. So, why wouldn’t I want to see fake naked photos or porn of Michelle Bachman. Of course, since she thinks gays can be counseled out of being gay, and who knows what other ridiculous things, it’s only a fantasy.

    Regarding sex and porn: What’s the big deal? There are only two kinds of people in the world–men and women. They haven’t changed phyiscally for millions of years, so what’s the big deal about nudity and sex? Also, if you think about it, we are all naked under our clothes.

  9. You have to understand. Michele Bachmann is a lot like those conservative preachers who say nudity and gay or bad. Then we read about them going after hookers and young boys. I am guessing if we got to see the real people who are preaching we would find they are more human then they want to admit.

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