Friday Random Ten: 2007-07-06

1. Catholic GirlsFrank ZappaJoe’s Garage (Disc 1)Alternative & Punk
2. Sweet DreamsYesTime And A WordRock
3. Eight Days A Week [False Starts]The BeatlesAnthology 1 [Disc 2]Rock
4. Back To SchoolJon & VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. CairoRock
5. Close To The EdgeYesClose To The EdgeRock
6. The Ability To SwingThomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickAlternative & Punk
7. Take Five (Album Version)Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck: Time Signatures – A Career RetrospectiveJazz
8. Trial Of TearsDream TheaterFalling Into InfinityMetal
9. This Dying SoulDream TheaterLive At Budokan [Disc 1]Metal
10. I’ve Seen All Good People a. Your Move b. All Good PeopleYesThe Yes AlbumRock

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