Friday Random Ten: 2011-02-04

1. The Gates Of DeliriumYesRelayerRock
2. Nanook Rubs ItFrank ZappaApostrophe (‘)Alternative & Punk
3. Helm’s DeepLondon Philharmonic Orchestra & London VoicesThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two TowersSoundtrack
4. Garden WallDave WecklMaster PlanJazz
5. Finland/Fisch Schlapping DanceMonty Python’s SpamalotOriginal Cast RecordingSoundtrack
6. The Glass PrisonDream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner TurbulenceMetal
7. Endless SacrificeDream TheaterTrain Of ThoughtMetal
8. Only Love Can break Your HeartThe CorrsVH1 Presents the Corrs Live in DublinFolk
9. We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)Peter GabrielSoRock
10. Call Of The WestWall Of VoodooCall Of The WestAlternative & Punk

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