Friday Random Ten: 2006-06-30

1. And You And IYesClose To The EdgeRock
2. BreakawayAlan ParsonsTry Anything OnceRock
3. Prom ThemeFountains Of WayneUtopia ParkwayAlternative & Punk
4. Everybody’s Song (Early Demo Of “Does It Really Happen?”)YesTormatoRock
5. All Kinds Of TimeFountains Of WayneWelcome Interstate ManagersAlternative & Punk
6. OnwardYesTormatoRock
7. Goblin GirlFrank ZappaYou Are What You IsAlternative & Punk
8. Stick It OutFrank ZappaJoe’s Garage (Disc 1)Alternative & Punk
9. Starship TrooperYes & The London PhilharmonicSymphonic Music Of YesRock
10. Dear Marlon BrandoPretty & TwistedPretty & TwistedAlternative & Punk

One thought on “Friday Random Ten: 2006-06-30”

  1. I am shocked – shocked, I tell you – to find anyone including *any* song from Alan Parsons on their Friday Random Ten. Breakaway’s a pretty good song, too; I always thought it would make for a decent drum corps tune, although I’m not sure what other songs of his I would include to make a show. BTW, technically speaking, TAO wasn’t a “Project” album as it came after the breakup with Woolfson. Everything that’s come out since then is simply by “Alan Parsons.” (From a long-time AP/P fan, e-mail list and fan club member, and shaker of AP’s hand. 😉 )

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