Friday Random Ten: 2011-02-18

1. Big Dumb TownStan RidgwayBlack DiamondAlternative & Punk
2. Welcome To The OccupationR.E.M.DocumentAlternative & Punk
3. I Never Loved You AnywayThe CorrsTalk On Corners (Special Edition)Pop
4. The DreamingKate BushThe Whole StoryAlternative & Punk
5. Soul KitchenThe DoorsThe DoorsRock
6. Red SleepDavid Torn/Mick Karn/Terry BozzioPolytownRock
7. These WallsDream TheaterOctavariumMetal
8. Beauty of a DreamThomas DolbyAstronauts & HereticsAlternative & Punk
9. Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle And The SleeperDream TheaterImages And WordsMetal
10. The Black Page #2Frank ZappaBaby SnakesAlternative & Punk

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