Friday Random Ten: 2006-05-19

1. You Are What You IsFrank ZappaYou Are What You IsAlternative & Punk
2. BubblegooseWyclef Jean Featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartman, & KennySouth Park: Chef AidSoundtrack
3. Shimmy She WobbleOthar Turner And The Rising Star Fife And Drum BandGangs Of New YorkSoundtrack
4. Watermelon In Easter HayFrank ZappaJoe’s Garage (Disc 2)Alternative & Punk
5. WinterTori AmosLittle EarthquakesAlternative & Punk
6. Going To CaliforniaLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IVRock
7. Tower Of InspirationDave WecklMaster PlanJazz
8. Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes & The London PhilharmonicSymphonic Music Of YesRock
9. Cotton TailNeil PeartBurning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy RichJazz
10. Isengard UnleashedLondon Philharmonic Orchestra & London VoicesThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack

One thought on “Friday Random Ten: 2006-05-19”

  1. for some reason when evah I think of Frank Zappa – “Call any Vegetable” pops into my mind.

    Cheesy, cheesy!

    (This is a song about vegetables . . . they keep you regular; they’re real good for ya.)

    Call any vegetable
    (Call any vegetable)
    Call it by name
    (Call any vegetable)
    Call one today
    (Call any vegetable)
    When you get off the train
    (Call any vegetable)
    Call any vegetable
    And the chances are good
    Ooooh! The vegetable
    Will respond to you

    (Some people don’t go for prunes . . . I dunno . . . I’ve always found that if they . . . )

    Call any vegetable
    (Call any vegetable)
    Pick up your phone
    (Call any vegetable)
    Think of a vegetable
    (Call any vegetable)
    Lonely at home
    (Call any vegetable)
    Call any vegetable
    And the chances are good
    That a vegetable will respond to you-hoooo

    RUTA-BAYYYYY . . .

    (A prune isn’t really a vegetable. Cabbage is a vegetable.)

    No one will know
    If you don’t want to let ’em know
    No one will know
    ‘Less it’s you that might tell ’em so
    Call and they’ll come to you
    Covered with dew
    Vegetables dream
    Of responding to you
    Standing there
    Shiny & proud by your side
    Holding your hand
    While the neighbors decide
    Why is a vegetable
    Something to hide?

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