Friday Random Ten: 2011-01-07

1. Pulp CultureThomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickAlternative & Punk
2. When The Levee BreaksLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IVRock
3. I Will FollowU2The Best Of 1980-1990Rock
4. New RoutineFountains Of WayneTraffic and WeatherAlternative & Punk
5. As I AmDream TheaterTrain Of ThoughtMetal
6. OnwardYesTormatoRock
7. Orinoco FlowEnyaWatermarkPop
8. MLKU2The Unforgettable FireRock
9. The Hotel MajesticFountains Of WayneTraffic and WeatherAlternative & Punk
10. Main Title/LocutusJerry GoldsmithStar Trek: First ContactSoundtrack

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