Friday Random Ten: 2009-04-10

1. Heaven And Hell (Part I)VangelisHeaven and HellNew Age
2. WireU2The Unforgettable FireRock
3. Hot SauceThomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickAlternative & Punk
4. To The Women In My Life/Le LisBilly CobhamSpectrumJazz
5. Good Times Bad TimesLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IRock
6. The Gates Of Delirium (Studio Run-Through)YesRelayerRock
7. Clap (Studio Version)YesThe Yes AlbumRock
8. Right Hand ManJoan OsborneRelishRock
9. We’re OkayOriginal Broadway CastRentSoundtrack
10. New MillenniumDream TheaterLive At BudokanMetal

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