Friday Random Ten: 2008-10-31

1. Excentrifugal ForzFrank ZappaApostrophe (‘)Alternative & Punk
2. CrucifyTori AmosLittle EarthquakesAlternative & Punk
3. Love’s HolidayEarth, Wind & FireAll ‘N AllR&B
4. Dazed and ConfusedLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IRock
5. Queen Of HollywoodThe CorrsTalk On Corners (Special Edition)Pop
6. Budapest By BlimpThomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickAlternative & Punk
7. Look At Their WayWall Of VoodooCall Of The WestAlternative & Punk
8. EvidenceThelonious Monk Quartet With John ColtraneAt Carnegie HallJazz
9. Leave ItYes90125Rock
10. BesideJon & VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. CairoRock

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