Friday Random Ten: 2008-10-17

1. Island MagicDave WecklMaster PlanJazz
2. A Great Day For FreedomPink FloydThe Division BellRock
3. Outside NowFrank ZappaJoe’s Garage (Disc 2)Alternative & Punk
4. Circus Of HeavenYesTormatoRock
5. Friendly Little FingerFrank ZappaZoot AlluresAlternative & Punk
6. Dracula from HoustonButthole SurfersScrubsSoundtrack
7. The Treason Of IsengardHoward ShoreThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingSoundtrack
8. A Lotus On Irish StreamsMahavishnu OrchestraInner Mounting FlameJazz
9. Suicide ChumpFrank ZappaYou Are What You Is Alternative & Punk
10. AmericaSpinal TapThis is Spinal TapSoundtrack

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