Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club

English Garden The 25th anniversary of MTV brings to mind the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” — the first video to air on MTV. I remember Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club‘s version of “Video Killed the Radio Star”, which featured keyboardist Thomas Dolby (which is why I’m familiar with them). Bruce Woolley, with Trevor Horn, and Geoffrey Downes wrote “Video Killed the Radio Star” and Woolley did his own version with The Camera Club after splitting off from the Buggles. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the less familiar version, but I remember liking it a bit more than the Buggles’ version…

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  1. This album (which I still have on vinyl) heartily stands the test of time. It’s still returns to my heavy rotation when the mood calls. Met Tom Dolby a few times last year — excellent guy — got to see him give a private show in his practice studio in Cali. He moved back to UK a few months ago, back to touring.

    All tracks are good, but my top favs from this fluid, driving album:

    You’re the Circus (I’m the Clown)
    Get Away William
    English Garden

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