Are you an asshole at work?

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Answer each one of these questions true or false. . . and give yourself one point for every time you answer “true”.

  1. You feel surrounded by incompetent idiots. . . and you let them know the truth every once in a while.

  2. You were a nice person until you started working with the current bunch of jerks.

  3. You don’t trust people around you, and they don’t trust you.

  4. You see your coworkers as competitors.

  5. You believe that one of the best ways to “climb the ladder” is to push other people down or out of the way.

  6. You secretly enjoy watching other people suffer and squirm.

  7. You’re jealous of your colleagues and find it’s hard to be genuinely happy for them when they do well.

  8. You have a small list of close friends and a long list of enemies. . . and you’re equally proud of both lists.

  9. Sometimes, you just can’t hide your contempt toward the losers at work.

  10. You find it’s useful to glare at, insult, or even, sometimes, yell at some of the idiots at work. . . otherwise, they never seem to shape up.

  11. You take credit for your team’s accomplishments. . . I mean, you should, they’d be nowhere without you.

  12. You like lobbing “innocent” comments into meetings that have no purpose. . . other than to make the person on the receiving end humiliated or uncomfortable.

  13. You’re quick to point out other people’s mistakes.

  14. You don’t make mistakes. . . when something goes wrong, you always find some idiot to blame.

  15. You constantly interrupt people because what you have to say is more important.

  16. You’re constantly buttering up your boss and other powerful people, and you expect the same treatment from the people you manage.

  17. Your jokes and teasing can get nasty sometimes. . . but you have to admit, they’re pretty funny.

  18. You love your team, they love you. . . but you’re all constantly at war with the rest of the company. You treat everyone else badly because, if they’re not on your team, they don’t matter or they’re the enemy.

  19. People seem to avoid eye contact when they talk to you, and they often become very nervous.

  20. You have the feeling that people are always very careful about what they say around you.

  21. People keep responding to your e-mails with hostile reactions, which often escalate into LOTS of angry e-mails back and forth.

  22. People don’t want to tell you personal information.

  23. People seem to stop having fun when you show up.


21-23 POINTS (–answered “true” to 21 to 23 questions): You are DEFINITELY an a-hole at work. It’s time to take a big step back.

15-20 POINTS: You are PROBABLY an a-hole at work. Think about how you’re treating people, and try to calm down.

10-14 POINTS: You MAY BE an a-hole. Sometimes you are. . . it’s erratic.

5-9 POINTS: You AREN’T an a-hole. . . but occasionally you have mood swings or snap at people.

0-4 POINTS: You are NOT an a-hole. You’re probably beloved around the office, and around any place you’ve ever worked.

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