The Top 10 Reasons to Work in IT

(via Dark Bilious Vapors)

The top 10 reasons to work in IT:

  1. I love living the Revenge of the Nerds

  2. It’s a nice way to avoid the social and personal stresses that go with upward mobility

  3. It’s the satisfaction – every time I finish the re-install and reboot cycle I feel I’ve learnt something new and contributed in a meaningful way to my colleagues, my community, and my culture.

  4. Between the heat, the darkness, the double doors, and the noise, working in the data center is like returning to the womb every day.

  5. I’m hoping to use the contacts I make working on the help desk to break into top management and show all those pretty party people who ignored me in high school who I really am.

  6. I just love working with new technology – new challenges, new patches, new racks to install everyday.

  7. I love having that pager on my belt – it makes me feel, you know, manly.

  8. “Down, not Across” – IT just makes sense

  9. I love the travel – in my last job I spent six weeks training people in Lahore, now I’m looking forward to visiting Poland.

And the number one reason for for working in IT?

  1. It’s the babes! stupid.

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