Friday Random Ten: 2008-10-31

1. Excentrifugal ForzFrank ZappaApostrophe (‘)Alternative & Punk
2. CrucifyTori AmosLittle EarthquakesAlternative & Punk
3. Love’s HolidayEarth, Wind & FireAll ‘N AllR&B
4. Dazed and ConfusedLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IRock
5. Queen Of HollywoodThe CorrsTalk On Corners (Special Edition)Pop
6. Budapest By BlimpThomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickAlternative & Punk
7. Look At Their WayWall Of VoodooCall Of The WestAlternative & Punk
8. EvidenceThelonious Monk Quartet With John ColtraneAt Carnegie HallJazz
9. Leave ItYes90125Rock
10. BesideJon & VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. CairoRock


Sen. Lieberman likely to lose his gavel in massive reshuffle being discussed Democratic leaders are discussing a major reshuffling of Senate committee chairmanships, according to multiple sources, and the proposed changes include ousting Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) from his coveted chairmanship. Lieberman, a former Democrat who supports Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president, is likely … Continue reading “Joementum!”


(via Palin, interrupted) “we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.” — Governor Sarah Palin, socialist (via The Threat Of Socialism) From an anti-T.R. letter to the editor of the New York Times in … Continue reading “Socialism!”

2006 St. Louis Cardinals

(via Captain Carl’s Daily Blarrrg) When you, the listener, see the list of players from Game Five, you’ll notice 2/3 of them aren’t Cards anymore. David Eckstein SS Chris Duncan RF Preston Wilson LF Albert Pujols 1B Jim Edmonds CF Scott Rolen 3B Ronnie Belliard 2B Yadier Molina C So Taguchi LF-RF Jeff Weaver P … Continue reading “2006 St. Louis Cardinals”

Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s Science and Technology Advisers

(via email and Nature) Barack Obama’s Science and Technology Advisers: Harold Varmus, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Henry Kelly, Federation of American Scientists Don Lamb, University of Chicago Gil Omenn, University of Michigan Sharon Long, Stanford University Dan Kammen, University of California, Berkeley Jason Grumet, Bipartisan Policy Center John McCain’s Science and Technology Advisers: James Woolsey, … Continue reading “Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s Science and Technology Advisers”

Friday Random Ten: 2008-10-24

1. Burning My SoulDream TheaterFalling Into InfinityMetal
2. Solo II – MogoliTerry BozzioSolo Drum Music (Disc 1)World
3. White Punks on DopeThe TubesThe TubesRock
4. OvertureMonty Python’s SpamalotOriginal Cast RecordingSoundtrack
5. Alfa WavesBilly CobhamThe TravelerJazz
6. The Black Page #2Frank ZappaBaby SnakesAlternative & Punk
7. Break on ThroughThe DoorsThe DoorsRock
8. Solo II – Cante Piatti ITerry BozzioSolo Drum Music (Disc 1)World
9. Evenstar London Philharmonic Orchestra & London Voices Feat. Isabel BayrakdarianThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two TowersSoundtrack
10. In CommonDave WecklMaster PlanJazz

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