Number 11?

(via email) Forbes Lists America’s Drunkest Cities’s Top Drinking Cities 1. Milwaukee 2. Minneapolis-St. Paul 3. Columbus, Ohio 4. Boston 5. Austin, Texas 6. Chicago 7. Cleveland 8. Pittsburgh 9. Philadelphia 9. Providence, R.I. (tied) 11. St. Louis 12. San Antonio 13. Seattle 14. Las Vegas 15. Denver/Boulder 16. Cincinnati 16. Kansas City (tied) … Continue reading “Number 11?”

Guess what was missing from the Smart Grant list?

(via What’s new by Bob Park – Friday, August 25, 2006) 2. EVOLUTION: GUESS WHAT WAS MISSING FROM THE SMART-GRANT LIST? The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Tuesday that the list of majors that qualify for Smart grants, prepared by the Department of Education, had a blank line. It turned out to be the … Continue reading “Guess what was missing from the Smart Grant list?”

2002 Chicago Royal Airs

I’m sure many of you are wondering how I spent the summer of 2002. Well, wonder no more and check out these pictures. I recently “discovered” these pictures on an old hard drive I was preparing for use in a file server. 2002 Repertoire Chicago Fanfare BallyHoo March Watermelon Man Alexander’s Ragtime Band John Brown’s … Continue reading “2002 Chicago Royal Airs”

Friday Random Ten: 2006-08-25

1. Solitary ShellDream TheaterLive At Budokan [Disc 3]Metal
2. The Sun RoadBozzio, Levin, StevensBlack Light SyndromeRock
3. At The Sign Of The Prancing PonyHoward ShoreThe Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The RingSoundtrack
4. Cletus Awreetus-AwrightusFrank ZappaThe Grand WazooAlternative & Punk
5. This Dying SoulDream TheaterLive At Budokan [Disc 1]Metal
6. Anna LeeDream TheaterFalling Into InfinityMetal
7. Evenstar London Philharmonic Orchestra & London Voices Feat. Isabel BayrakdarianThe Lord Of The Rings: The Two TowersSoundtrack
8. Sound ChaserYesRelayerRock
9. Everybody’s Song (Early Demo Of “Does It Really Happen?”)YesTormatoRock
10. Experiment IVKate BushThe Whole StoryAlternative & Punk

Stupid Science Reporting

And then there were 8: It was unclear how Pluto’s demotion might affect the mission of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which earlier this year began a nine-year journey to the oddball object to unearth more of its secrets. Why would anyone think Pluto’s “demotion” would have any affect on the New Horizons spacecraft? It’s not … Continue reading “Stupid Science Reporting”