ReaganBook Is the Latest Conservative #Fail

ReaganBook, described by its founder as “the Facebook for patriots” is the latest in a long line of poorly done conservative social networks. A day after launching, the site was overrun with trolls and taken down by admins.

Ohio Republican Janet Porter was fed up with Facebook restricting the voices of conservatives like her. So on Tuesday, she launched, “the Facebook for patriots.”

ReaganBook shows no discernable signs of longevity. It’s already been forced to temporarily shut down, after many of its thousand-plus members are trolls calling themselves things like “Albradorft Lincler,” “Al Zheimers,” and “Ben Ghazi.” The site runs tremendously slowly, and its attempts to interact with members through a messaging platform have proven fruitless. There’s hardly any involvement in thought-provoking (and clearly troll-created) pages like “Cut Dicks for Christ,” which simply says: “Calling all cut dicks.”

Ha Ha!

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