Misogyny in the Media

If you want to see misogyny in the media look no further than the fact that 45 was hailed a genius despite his multiple bankruptcies & losing over $1B—yet @ewarren is criticized for teaching at Harvard Law & taking dozens of high profile cases at a fairly common per hour rate.😑— Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) … Continue reading “Misogyny in the Media”

Number Two Draft Pick

If anyone wonders why Trump chose to congratulate the NUMBER TWO draft pick, let me break it down for you:The #2 pick was Nick Bosa. He's a "big Trump fan" who followed white supremacists on Twitter and liked racist & homophobic posts.The #1 pick was Kyler Murray. He's black. https://t.co/VxL6nnBTfR— Translate Trump (@TranslateRealDT) April 27, … Continue reading “Number Two Draft Pick”