2002 Chicago Royal Airs

I’m sure many of you are wondering how I spent the summer of 2002. Well, wonder no more and check out these pictures. I recently “discovered” these pictures on an old hard drive I was preparing for use in a file server. 2002 Repertoire Chicago Fanfare BallyHoo March Watermelon Man Alexander’s Ragtime Band John Brown’s … Continue reading “2002 Chicago Royal Airs”

Rev. Michael E. Schmidt

In case there was any doubt Rev. Michael E. Schmidt is an objectively shitty person, he attempted to post this to my guestbook (Note: I replaced variations of my name with x’s. Otherwise the text is identical to what he tried to post): Name: your wife is so ugly Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Email: yourwifeisugly@hotmail.com Date: Tue … Continue reading “Rev. Michael E. Schmidt”