DCI: Dead to me (almost)

(via dci.org) Fans will make the call with 2008 ‘Countdown’ cinema event Drum corps fans will get their chance to “make the call” as they select – and then judge – their favorite performances of the world’s most elite marching music ensembles as part of Drum Corps International’s 2008 spring cinema event, “The Countdown.” Coming … Continue reading “DCI: Dead to me (almost)”

A Vile Troll Gets Caught Spamming

(from the whack a troll dept.)

Here’s an entry (spelling and formatting preserved) from my Guestbook. The author is rec.arts.marching.drumcorps‘ resident troll, Michael E. Schmidt. He often posts under an assumed name to promote himself (his writing style is easy to recognize).

Here are some classic Howdy (what he sometimes calls himself) usenet posts. Here are some more recent posts.

From my logs, it looks like the Rev. Dr. Howdy Doody was looking for drum corps guestbooks to sign.

While reading this “gem”, keep in mind that he claims to have seven degrees from “accredited” institutions. Without further ado, here’s the Rev. Dr. Howdy Doody’s entry:


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