The Top 10 Reasons to Work in IT

(via Dark Bilious Vapors) The top 10 reasons to work in IT: I love living the Revenge of the Nerds It’s a nice way to avoid the social and personal stresses that go with upward mobility It’s the satisfaction – every time I finish the re-install and reboot cycle I feel I’ve learnt something new … Continue reading “The Top 10 Reasons to Work in IT”

Rachael Ray Drinking Game

(solen from slobak) Get drunk in 30 minutes or less: Sayings: “EVOO”1 drink “Sammie”1 drink “Healthful”1 drink “Stoup”2 drinks “GB”2 drinks “Spoonula”2 drinks “Fry-o-lator”3 drinks any of the above followed by an explanation of what it stands for+1 drink “Yummo”1 drink “Delish!”1 drink “Awesome”1 drink “How _____ is that?”1 drink creates an all-new and completely … Continue reading “Rachael Ray Drinking Game”

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