Did anyone really miss it?

MySpace returns after power outage The popular social-networking site, which recently topped Yahoo Mail as the most-visited Web site in the United States, was disabled entirely as of 6:40 p.m. Pacific time Sunday. The home page was replaced by a placeholder with a message from MySpace founder Tom Anderson, who said that the site was … Continue reading “Did anyone really miss it?”

Ruby dooby doooo….

I’ve recently started learning Ruby. One could ask “why learn yet another scripting language, especially since Perl has served so well these past several years?” The only reason is the object oriented features of Perl seem tacked on as an afterthought, while Ruby is a is a complete, full, pure object oriented language: OOL (object … Continue reading “Ruby dooby doooo….”

This Really Sucks

Looks like Verizon, Comcast, Bell South and other communications giants want to seriously ruin the internet by “developing strategies that would track and store information on our every move in cyberspace in a vast data-collection and marketing system, the scope of which could rival the National Security Agency.” And if that wasn’t bad enough: Under … Continue reading “This Really Sucks”

A really goofy Firefox extension

Abe Vigoda Status : When Firefox starts up, this extension automatically fetches Abe Vigoda’s current status, and displays it in a small panel on the status bar. It periodically does so again every so often, so that you always have relatively recent information on Abe Vigoda’s status. I’m going to have to learn to write … Continue reading “A really goofy Firefox extension”

Add this site’s quote of the day to your page with Javascript

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(via Google Blog) If you’re a blogger (or a blog reader), you’re painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites’ search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like “Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site.” This is called comment spam, we don’t like it either, and we’ve been testing a new tag that … Continue reading “rel=”nofollow””

Firefox users ignore online ads

(via the The Laporte Report) Firefox users ignore online ads, report says: Internet Explorer users are at least four times as likely to click on Web ads than Firefox users, a German advertising technology company said last week. The company, Adtech, found that during October and November, only 0.11 percent of Firefox users ever clicked … Continue reading “Firefox users ignore online ads”

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