Northwest Passage

Nordhavn 57 in the Arctic: Northwest Passage or Bust Climate change is making it more practical to traverse the Northwest Passage in something like a Nordhavn 57: With this route: one could attempt a circumnavigation of the North American continent. Something I’d be willing to try if someone would sponsor the cruise (hint hint). (more…)

Another sign of the times

(via Eschaton) Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines (soul stealing registration may be required) MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — Boat owners are abandoning ship. They often sandpaper over the names and file off the registry numbers, doing their best to render the boats, and themselves, untraceable. Then they casually ditch the vessels in the … Continue reading “Another sign of the times”

IMO to back mandatory ECDIS

(via Digital Ship) The years of debate about the mandatory carriage of ECDIS (electronic chart display information systems) seem to be close to a conclusion, with reports from IMO’s NAV54 subcommittee meetings suggesting that members have reached a consensus in favour of making the technology a required fit for ocean going vessels. While confirmation of … Continue reading “IMO to back mandatory ECDIS”