I’ve been tagged for a book meme

(via Dunner’s)

The Rules:

  1. You have to look up page 123 in the nearest book around you.
  2. Look for the fifth sentence.
  3. Then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.
  4. And then tag five people, just like you were tagged!

Let’s see… My home office is packed with books, so I’ll also do both fiction and non-fiction.

Fiction: Unknown Means by Elizabeth Becka (by my desk because it just arrived in the mail a few days ago)

Maybe not.

No one wanted to think of Marissa as a victim. Marissa least of all. But if Evelyn tried to avoid the topic, people would assume there has to be more to the story. Nothing beat a good drama like a terrific conspiracy.

Non-Fiction: The ACE Programmer’s Guide: Practical Design Patterns for Network and Systems Programming by Stephen D. Huston, James CE Johnson, & Umar Syyid (I was using it as a reference yesterday)

This is an application of the Strategy pattern [3], which allows you to change your “strategy” without making large changes to you implementation. To facilitate changing one set of IPC wrappers for another, ACE’s are related in sets:
[list deleted]
Each class abstracts a bit of low level mess of traditional socket programming. All together, the classes create an easy-to-use type-safe mechanism for creating distributed applications. We won’t show you everything they can do, but what we do show covers about 80 percent of the things you’ll normally need to do.

I’ll tag (a more or less random selection from my blogroll):

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