Nordic Tug 49

Nordic Tug 49

The previously announced Nordic Tug 47 is now known as the Nordic Tug 49.


Burlington-based Nordic Tugs has announced a nomenclature change for their new 47 currently under development and the existing 52. The models will now be named the Nordic Tug 49 and the Nordic Tug 54. The change more accurately reflects the length overall (excluding bow pulpit) for the two models, measured from the aft edge of the swim platform to the bow of the boat. “Our naming conventions worked in the past, although today, the model names actually short change the boats, particularly on the larger vessels which have an overall length much larger than the name infers,” explained Nordic Tugs Executive Vice-President David Goehring. “It was confusing to the consumer, who thought a Nordic Tug 52 had a length overall of 52 feet, but is actuality is 54-feet 2-inches.”

The new Nordic Tug 49 measures 49-ft 10-inches. The change currently only affects the company’s two largest boats. The company is reviewing the naming conventions of the remainder of the line, though any changes that may be made would not take effect until the 2009 model year.

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