Observation of Long-Range, Near-Side Angular Correlations in Proton-Proton Collisions at the LHC

Some results from the Large Hadron Collider… CMS observes a potentially new and interesting effect The CMS Collaboration at CERN released today a paper entitled “Observation of Long-Range Near-Side Angular Correlations in Proton-Proton Collisions” that details signs of a new phenomenon in proton interactions. A study of “high multiplicity” collisions, where a hundred or more … Continue reading “Observation of Long-Range, Near-Side Angular Correlations in Proton-Proton Collisions at the LHC”

Testing String Theory

Researchers Discover How to Conduct First Test of ‘Untestable’ String Theory ScienceDaily (Sep. 2, 2010) — Researchers describe how to carry out the first experimental test of string theory in a paper published September 2 in Physical Review Letters. String theory was originally developed to describe the fundamental particles and forces that make up our … Continue reading “Testing String Theory”

Brilliant Marketing

(via What’s new by Bob Park – Friday, September 3, 2010)


Send copies to all the pompous nincompoops it will offend. That’s it! They will sell it for you. BBC News today published their reactions to Hawking’s new book in which he says that science can explain the origin of the universe without invoking God. This is “naturalism,” the dominant philosophy of science in the 21st century. It restates the first law of science discovered by Thales of Miletus in 585 BC: for every observable effect, there is a physical cause. I don’t have Hawking’s book, so I don’t know exactly how he said it, but I would have preferred to say: “invoking God would not help me to explain the origin of the universe. Hawking explains that the existence of gravity means the universe created itself from nothing. The first offended pompous nincompoop was Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks in the Times: “What would we do for entertainment without scientists telling us with breathless excitement that God did not create the universe as if they were the first to discover this astonishing proposition.” Yes, and did you learn anything?