American political conservatism impedes the understanding of science

(via Pharyngula) (click for larger image)The percentage of respondents believing in human evolution is plotted simultaneously against political view (conservative, moderate, liberal), education (high school or less, some college, graduate school), and respondent’s religious denomination (fundamentalist or not). Belief in evolution rises along with political liberalism, independently of control variables. I’m not terribly surprised by … Continue reading “American political conservatism impedes the understanding of science”

Albert Einstein Online

(via email) Einstein Archives Online The Einstein Archives Online Website provides the first online access to Albert Einstein’s scientific and non-scientific manuscripts held by the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and to an extensive Archival Database, constituting the material record of one of the most influential intellects in the modern era. … Continue reading “Albert Einstein Online”

Charles Darwin Online

(via Pharyngula) The complete work of Charles Darwin This site currently contains more than 50,000 searchable text pages and 40,000 images of both publications and handwritten manuscripts. There is also the most comprehensive Darwin bibliography ever published and the largest manuscript catalogue ever assembled. More than 150 ancillary texts are also included, ranging from secondary … Continue reading “Charles Darwin Online”

North Korean Dud?

(via What’s new by Bob Park – Friday, October 13, 2006) 1. FIZZLE? SOMETHING EXPLODED, BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW WHAT. There was a seismic event near Kilju, North Korea. The signature was characteristic of an explosion: a sharp leading edge, unlike the release of elastic energy in a tectonic movement. But so far there … Continue reading “North Korean Dud?”

Scientists and Engineers for America

(via the Bad Astronomy Blog) SEFORA Check out the Bill of Rights for Scientists and Engineers: Effective government depends on accurate, honest and timely advice from scientists and engineers. Science demands an open, transparent process of review and access to the best scholars from around the nation and the world. Mistakes dangerous to the nation’s … Continue reading “Scientists and Engineers for America”

Guess what was missing from the Smart Grant list?

(via What’s new by Bob Park – Friday, August 25, 2006) 2. EVOLUTION: GUESS WHAT WAS MISSING FROM THE SMART-GRANT LIST? The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Tuesday that the list of majors that qualify for Smart grants, prepared by the Department of Education, had a blank line. It turned out to be the … Continue reading “Guess what was missing from the Smart Grant list?”