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I had just received my degree in Calcium Anthropology... the study of milkmen.
-- Steven Wright


And you may ask yourself, "WTF is going on here?"

You are most likely looking for my web log, Yet Another Web Site.

Then again, you may have stumbled upon this page looking for Drum and Bugle Corps information.


- Quote of the Day
- Barr Lied
- Grilled Cheese Deluxe
- Opioids II
- MST3K 0515 – The Wild World Of Batwoman
- April 15
- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916)
- MST3K Short 0510 – Body Care And Grooming
- Reading: _The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World_

LOOK!!! I'm WALKING in my SLEEP again!!

- Recommended Reading
- Drums and Percussion
- Waffle Irons
- Boats

Storage B
- METAR Decoder for Arduino
- WordPress 5: How to Disable Gutenberg
- Block Referrer Spam
- Blockchains Are a Bad Idea
- Voting Software
- Open Office Plans
- C++ METAR Decoder
- Most people rejected His message
- More Pair Programming
- The Dehumanization of Agile and Objects

Drum & Bugle Corps
- Drum Corps World - April 2019
- 2019 Drum Corps Associates Tour Schedule
- Drum Corps World - March 2019
- Canton Bluecoats to be on world stage in Hong Kong
- Drum Corps World - February 2019
- Slow to clean house, Drum Corps International wastes no time punishing critic
- Oregon Crusaders will not field a corps in 2019
- Pioneer membership revoked
- Drum Corps World - January 2019
- A Failure to Protect
- Drum Corps World - December 2018
- rlrr:Bluecoats Accept Invitation from DCI for Alumni to Perform...
- Youth Education in the Arts Announces Sweeping Changes to Operations
- 2019 Drum Corps International Tour schedule
- Drum corps seeks $1.5 million from former director after sexual misconduct scandal
- Former Allentown Cadets director charged with sex assault, 7 months after accusations first reported
- Report: Drum corps leader threw things at work, called women ‘little girls’
- Drum Corps World - November 2018
- Drum Corps World - October 2018
- Allentown Cadets parent organization hires new executive director

Maritime Simulation News
- Navy admiral wants better training simulators for sailors in response to deadly ship collisions
- Southampton Solent University to build £4m maritime simulator
- RBDF’s Full Mission Bridge Simulator passes FAT
- Massive simulation and training facility opens in the Netherlands
- Researchers see potential in haptic feedback in maritime operations
- AV Stumpfl provides blending for ship bridge simulator
- Simulation Improves Port Operations
- New Simulator Operators Training Course
- VSTEP and Damen sign cooperation agreement for Royal Bahamas Defence Force project
- Maritime Simulator Agreement to Benefit UAE Customers

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