Chock full of artery clogging goodness

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Hardee’s introduces new mega-calorie Monster Thickburger:

ST. LOUIS (AP) — As many fast-food chains are catering to the health-conscious, Hardee’s is introducing the biggest and thickest of its Thickburgers — one with enough calories to make Ronald McDonald blush.

The St. Louis-based chain on Monday rolled out its Monster Thickburger — two 1/3-pound slabs of Angus beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame seed bun. The sandwich alone sells for $5.49, $7.09 with fries and a soda.

Even a news release touted the Monster — at 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat– as “a monument to decadence.” Add fries and a soda and a single meal would involve more calories and fat than most people should get in a day.

The introduction comes at a time when McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other fast-food giants are offering salads and other lower-calorie fare. Subway advertising has long used patron Jared to tout the low-calorie items on the menu.

Hardee’s has gone another direction.

Hardee’s has gone another direction.

You think? 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat
– Holy crap! Just reading the description is enough to cause chest pains.

As if Linux wasn’t cool enough already

I’ve been playing around with Hydrogen – an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. So far, it seems to be full featured (I’m more familiar with “real” drums). Hydrogen can import sound samples in .wav, .au, and .aiff formats and export “songs” to midi and wav files. Hydrogen uses an XML file for its native song file format, thus allowing the potential for manual tweaking of song files and the ability to manipulate these files by other applications.

Hydrogen might just have the best splash screen ever:

penguin drumming


I used to be on top of this kind of news.

I’m in the process of converting my music CDs into mp3’s* (thus probably violating several federal laws) largely because I’m tired of packing my briefcase full of CDs.

Anyway, while ripping Wall of Voodoo‘s Call of the West, I got curious and searched Google for information about WoV’s guitarist, Marc Moreland (I wanted to see what he’s done since his work on the Pretty and Twisted album). Sadly, I learned he died on March 13th, 2002.

Marc Moreland was one of those guitarists you could simply recognize by his distinctive sound.

*For my own personal use from CDs I own.

Dogbert’s take on the blogging phenomenon

(via the DNRC newsletter)

Dear Dogbert,

Lots of people write blogs, but I’ve never heard of anyone who actually reads them. What’s up with that?


Dear Skirt,

Blogs exist to fill the important market niche of writing that is so dull that your eyes will burrow out of the back of your head to escape. People do read blogs, usually by accident, sometimes on a dare, but those readers are later mistaken for Mafia victims with what appears to be two holes in the back of their heads. On closer inspection, you might find their eyeballs clinging to the drapes directly behind them. Unless the cat gets them first.