Big Surprise: Can-Spam can’t stop Spam

Can-Spam Act Can’t Can Spam:

A month after the federal Can-Spam Act went into effect, most anti-spam vendors say that the new legislation hasn’t cut down on the glut of junk mail in users’ in-boxes.

According to numbers released this week by Brightmail, Postini, and Commtouch, three providers of message-filtering and anti-spam solutions, the amount of spam they’ve intercepted since the law took effect on Jan. 1 has increased, went unchanged, or fallen by an insignificant amount.

OK, not really a surprise…

Where I’ve Been

(via Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener)

Places I’ve visited (the ones in red):


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For the geographically challenged: U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, South Korea, India, Israel, U.K., Switzerland, France, and the United Arab Emirates (France and UAE were airport layovers)


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New Hampshire Republican Primary Results

(via Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener)

From Daily Kos:

The best story of the night? The one that should unite us all? From the Republican primary results:

    Bush 57,670
    Kerry 835
    Dean 633
    Clark 545
    Edwards 541

That’s over 2,500 registered Republicans who wrote in a Democrat in their ballot.

For what it’s worth, here’s the latest results (from here):

    George W. Bush 53,749
    John Kerry 1,420
    Howard Dean 974
    Wesley Clark 851
    Richard P. Bosa 826
    John Buchanan 816
    John Edwards 808

It should be noted the George W. Bush got 115 write in votes in the Democratic primary.

Joementum != Momentum

From Joe Lieberman for President 2004:

Joe Surging In New Hampshire

1/27 — Today is the day! Since Joe’s amazing debate performance on Thursday night, his support in New Hampshire has been surging. Buoyed by newspaper endorsements, terrific television ads that your contributions keep on the air, and Joe’s own stamina and optimism, New Hampshire is becoming Lieberman Country just when it matters most: on the eve of the Primary! Just look at what’s happening on the ground. Voters are flocking to see Joe, right before they make up their minds about their vote…

According to CNN, as of 10:32 EST, Joe Lieberman’s has surged to a fifth place finish with a whopping 9% of the vote in New Hampshire.

If 9% is the best he can do in “Lieberman Country”, maybe it’s time for Joe to go…

Some Advice for Howard Dean

(via August J. Pollak)

Things Howard Dean can do to look more “presidential”:

  • Announce proudly that no president has ever done as much as him for human rights.
  • Dress up in a crotch-accentuating flight suit and land a jet on an aircraft carrier.
  • Brag repeatedly about a sub-standard college grade point average.
  • Get arrested for public rowdiness at a football game.
  • Attempt to recite a clich√© adage at a press conference and promptly forget how it goes in the middle of saying it.
  • Mount, and promptly fall off, an unpowered Segway scooter.
  • Drop his dog in front of cameras.
  • Consistently mispronounce the word “nuclear.”
  • Condescendingly mock the upcoming execution of a death row inmate.
  • Trade away Sammy Sosa.
  • Choke on pretzel bits to the point of losing balance and bruising his head.
  • Attend a public event in which Stevie Wonder is performing and wave to him from the balcony.

OK – the last one is likely a UL

Just when I started thinking Saint Louis was a good place to live…

Something like this has to happen: Station to Rerun ‘Average Joe’ Segment

ST. LOUIS (AP) – After Missouri’s own Dick Gephardt finished fourth in the Iowa caucuses, the local NBC affiliate cut away from network programming to broadcast his speech. That didn’t sit so well with the Average Joe.

Viewers jammed KSDK-TV’s switchboard and Web site in the hours after the decision Monday to pull away from the final segment of “Average Joe: Hawaii.”

Gephardt’s concession speech ran over the final nine minutes of the program and beyond. He officially pulled out of the race for the Democratic nomination Tuesday.

NBC granted KSDK permission to rebroadcast the final segment. It was scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A statement on the station’s Web site said KSDK understands “the frustration after investing time in a television program and not being able to see how the show ends.”

But for a station whose slogan is, “Where the news comes first,” there really wasn’t any choice, news director Mike Shipley said.

“Unfortunately, we can’t orchestrate when breaking news happens,” Shipley said. “We’d do the same exact thing again. The only thing I wish we could change was the timing.”

It’s bad enough people are actually watching this show, but to invest the time and energy to complain about missing nine minutes – Jeez!