What if Operating Systems Were Airlines?

This classic (moldy oldy?) showed up in my inbox… DOS Air Passengers walk out onto the runway, grab hold of the plane, push it until it gets in the air, hop on, then jump off when it hits the ground. They grab the plane again, push it back into the air, hop on, jump off… … Continue reading “What if Operating Systems Were Airlines?”

Why did the chicken cross the road?

(via email) Andre Ampere: ‘To keep up with current events.’ Albert Einstein: ‘Did the chicken really cross the road or did the road move beneath the chicken?’ Alexander Graham Bell: ‘To get to the nearest phone.’ Robert Boyle: ‘She had been under too much pressure at home.’ James Watt: ‘It thought it would be a … Continue reading “Why did the chicken cross the road?”


(printed by fortune in one of my terminal windows today) Q: Why is it that the more accuracy you demand from an interpolation function, the more expensive it becomes to compute? A: That’s the Law of Spline Demand.

An Apology

(via email & Salon) Having been called names, one looks back at one’s own angry outbursts over the years, and I recall having once referred to Republicans as “hairy-backed swamp developers, fundamentalist bullies, freelance racists, hobby cops, sweatshop tycoons, line jumpers, marsupial moms and aluminum-siding salesmen, misanthropic frat boys, ninja dittoheads, shrieking midgets, tax cheats, … Continue reading “An Apology”

6/6/6 – The day of the beast

These have been around for a long time… 666 – number of the beast 668 – neighbor of the beast DCLXVI – roman numeral of the beast 666.000 – number of the high-precision beast 1010011 – binary number of the beast $665.95 – retail price of the beast $656.66 – Wal-Mart price of the beast … Continue reading “6/6/6 – The day of the beast”

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