Dogbert’s take on the blogging phenomenon

(via the DNRC newsletter) Dear Dogbert, Lots of people write blogs, but I’ve never heard of anyone who actually reads them. What’s up with that? Kurt Dear Skirt, Blogs exist to fill the important market niche of writing that is so dull that your eyes will burrow out of the back of your head to … Continue reading “Dogbert’s take on the blogging phenomenon”

Visitor’s Guide to Driving in St. Louis

(stolen from There are 75 “official neighborhoods” in the City of St. Louis. St. Louisans commonly give directions (especially for restaurants) to strangers based on these neighborhoods which aren’t marked on any maps that are handed out by the tourist board, the AAA or Mapquest. There are 54 school districts — on the Missouri … Continue reading “Visitor’s Guide to Driving in St. Louis”

Bush Light Bulb Joke

(stolen from William Gibson) How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb? None. There’s nothing wrong with that light bulb. There is no need to change anything. We made the right decision and nothing has happened to change our minds. People who criticize this light bulb now, just because it … Continue reading “Bush Light Bulb Joke”